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Is Participating In A Lottery Syndicate Better Than Playing Alone?

When considering the prospects of joining a lottery syndicate a key question that props up unfailingly is that what makes playing in a syndicate better than going alone, that too when you have to share your winnings with others. Well, there are several reasons why it pays to play with a syndicate rather than play alone. Indeed, why would lottery syndicates be flourishing if they weren’t offering concrete gains to their patrons. Testimonials from people who have joined a lottery syndicate are always positive in their tone. […]

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How To Play Lottery

What Is The Lottery? The lottery is a worldwide phenomenon, and almost every country you can think of has its own version. In South Africa we have a national lottery whose rules differ, depending on which game you play. However, no matter which game you want to play, you must be at least 18-years-old and a South African resident according to South African law. In this post, we’ll explore the rules governing the classic Lotto game of the South African lottery. These rules are the same for […]

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